F-Bar-J Ranch

Anchorage, Alaska  |  (907) 764-7230


F Bar J Ranch sits on approximately 10 acres of land on the eastern border of Anchorage on the corner of Elmore Road and Lore Road. It encompasses pretty close to two City Blocks stretching between Lore Road on the South and 80th Avenue on the North.  To schedule a tour of our facility for boarding your horse, please contact the barn manager at (907) 764-7230 or send us an email! We do not offer barn tours to the general public.



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The F bar J Stable includes a run in shelter and large paddock area for each horse and includes a complete nutrition ration of brome hay from the valley and grain (optional)  fed in two feedings daily. If your horse requires additional hay or supplements, it falls on the responsibility of the owner. There is additional storage available to accommodate your feed if required.  In addition, there are two large arenas plus two circle training areas, two turnout areas and a small grazing meadow area available to those who stable their horses here. The horses seem to like the meadow area a lot, but then again, so do some of the owners.


The Outgoing Side.

We have covered what the horses eat, where they live, where they exercise and where we ride them. But what about the poop generated by the stable?


You will be expected to keep your run in and paddock area clear of snow and poop. The clean snow is piled in the alley in front of your paddock and our equipment scoops it up and holds it until the spring melt.


You load your horses poop from your stable onto the carts we provide and we hire a crew of (mostly) tenants or kids of tenants of the stable to haul the poop down to the poop pit holding area. We then keep it as high and dry as possible until after winter.


We then mound it up and turn it over every few days and it eventually heats up due to bacterial action and becomes compost. Once it is finished it is screened and mixed with topsoil to make a very fertile soil. Nothing is wasted.


All that fertile soil allows our garden to grow some of the best, freshest veggies on the planet.


We are not above keeping a few Turkeys, Chickens and Cattle as well.

F- Bar-J Ranch

4140 Lore Road Anchorage, Alaska 99507

 (907) 764-7230